amulet Phra Phet Chalu Kun-Phra Arjan O

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amulet Phra Phet Chalu Kun-Phra Arjan O
Rp 350.000
Lokasi : Jawa Timur (Bisa COD)
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 23-09-2017 00:56
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Dilihat : 835 kali
Last Sundul : 23 September 2017, 12:56:44 AM

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Trakud Phra Phet Chalu Kun, Pha Arjan O. Phetchabun 

Made from the rope that mahout used to catch the elephant in the deep forest . This rope has power inside that will help the owner in case of protection from bad magic or bad spirit, eliminate  the mysterious things and good for business also.

The rope is very rare and difficult to find and make the specific ceremony to change the rope to be the powerful amulet. Normally, this rope is in the shrine of the ancestor mahout.

size est.3cm
350rb nego
cp 08123228879