amulet Hypnotic Charming Ball by Phra Arjarn O

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amulet Hypnotic Charming Ball by Phra Arjarn O
Rp 250.000
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Posted on : 11-05-2018 14:13
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Hypnotic Charming Ball by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.

Hypnotic Charming Ball has the heart of male and female Yant covered with Salika Fresh Tongue or called Salika AngKaChar again. This is the small amulet which has large charming power remain fully inside. The prayer can used this Hypnotic Charming Ball to hypnotize people’s mind to be yours, hypnotize every eye to look at you, hypnotize everyone to fall in love with you, and hypnotize people feeling to surrender because of your charm.

Phra Arjarn O opened the magic scripture to bless Hypnotic Charming Ball with various charming magic spells that full of charming authority power so, when the prayer use this Hypnotic Charming Ball with Takrud Sanae Jaikard (Ragged Heart), Takrud Angkachar, and others charming amulet, the Hypnotic Charming Ball will fulfill and add the charming power to that amulet reach the peak level until the owner realize the difference of the power clearly.

Phra Arjarn O took all Hypnotic Charming Ball soaked in the AngKaChar Sexual Oil to absorb the charming power fully. The AngKaChar Oil was blessed by AngKaChar subject which is one of the magic subjects in the line of Grandfather Thepprasit & Grandfather Theppratarnporn. This subject concentrates on sexual purpose only. Even one disciple of Phra Arjarn O who studied magic subjects for a long time until be Casanova asked Phra Arjarn O that why Phra Arjarn O did not teach him this subject first so, the others magic subjects will not necessary for him because whenever he use this subject, he always get the girls he want unmistakable.

AngKaChar Sexual Oil was rumored among Phra Arjarn O’s disciples that it is very powerful. AngKaChar Sexual Oil made from the sesame oil that was brought from 7 shops and then used 7 women to squeeze the oil. Phra Arjarn O blessed the Angkachar oil with Angkachar charming subject which focus on sexual attraction in the mystic bronze pot. Moreover, this Angkachar oil was also used to soak the Legendary Ngang of Phra Arjarn O too. 

Moreover, Phra Arjarn O blessed Angkachar Sexual Oil in the ceremony room with the special magic subject beginning at the first part, second part and third part respectively until the AngKaChar Sexual Oil boil by itself and the incense smoke evolve and twist up to the air. Surprisingly, this oil can be changed from transparent to be muddy or green color by itself also.

diameter est 1cm
ready bahan brass dan alpaka

per biji 250rb nego
cp 08123228879