The bell system for home surveillance : camera, remote, talking

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The bell system for home surveillance : camera, remote, talking
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Posted on : 14-05-2018 13:16
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The bell system for home surveillance

1. Wi- Fi video bell is connected to the network through a wireless router (such as Indihome or mini Wi-Fi MI-FI such as M2P / M3Y or other) or mobile network device cable. Includes android iOS smartphone or tablet, can connect to the doorbell; After the visitor’s ring, the device’s phone can interact with the bell through real time video and audio, the user can see the visitor, then decide whether the intercom or open the door, etc

Wi-Fi bell support PIR and motion alarm detection, with night vision IR, 12V power supply.

2.4G Wi-fi, real time viewing, max to support 100 MB broadband, supports Android and iOS operating system.

Multi doorbell and multi-mobile devices can work at the same time.

1. touch call button
2. rain-proof cover,
3. unlock (DC 12V fit often open / often key atresia), can connect 4. power supply access control.
5. connect the exit door.
6. The bell can support max 8 mobile devices
7. mobile device can support max 4 door bell of WiFi.
8. intercom function, loud voice.
9.. Support PIR motion sensor
10. Support detects alarm
11. IR led night vision
12.Support monitor functionality through mobile devices.
13. Take a photo
14. take video (video file will be stored in mobile device)
15. Dingdong bell, can open door without mobile device.
16. P2P cloud service can push messages from visitors call photos of visitors and motion detect alarms to mobile devices.

IMPORTANT … Device Requirements:
1. Smartphone or tablet on top of Android 4.2 version, iOS.
2. Home network above 2M.
3. 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone

Package contents:
12V2A Power Supply: 1 pcs
Outdoor WIFI camera: 1 pcs
Music bell: 1 pcs
wire terminal: 1 pcs
open wire: 1 pcs
Screws: 1 set

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