Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 1000 / HCC1000 isi 1L

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Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 1000 / HCC1000 isi 1L
Rp 229.500 Rp 255.000
Lokasi : Jawa Tengah
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 15-05-2018 14:56
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Dilihat : 60 kali
Berat : 1200 gram
Last Sundul : 15 May 2018, 02:56:39 PM

Penjelasan Produk

Menzerna HCC 1000
size : 1L
- Fast Removal Of sanding marks
- Even sanding pattern
- High productivity
- No dust formation

cutting : 9
gloss : 3

Pad Polish for the fast remover of sanding marks
This Powerhouse eliminates scratches, overspray and pronounced sign of use quickly and throughly.
best price performance ratio

processing : rotary polisher

- removes 1000-1500 grit sanding scratches
- waterbased, non silicon
- low dusting and easy clean up
- safe on all types of paint
- effective on newly cured repair coatings and older finishes
- menzerna HCC1000 is excellent for restoring aged and waeather-beaten paint finishes
- eliminates scratches on any type of paint

1. Make sure the surface to be compounded is clean and dry. Fresh paint should be fully cured. Apply PowerGloss out of direct sunlight.
2. Use a wool or foam compounding pad
3. Polish at 1200-1800 RPM (5000-6000 OPM with a dual action polisher) working slowly across and then up and down the area. Check your work after several passes to see if the defect has been removed. If so, reduce the pressure and continue buffing until a high gloss is achieved. If the pad becomes dry, mist it with water and continue buffing.
4. Wipe the area with a damp microfiber cloth.
5. If necessary, follow withMenzerna Final Polishto restore optimum gloss.
6. Always apply a wax or sealant after compounding or polishing.

Pricelist : 255.000 diskon 10%