amulet Eye of Horus by Phra Arjarn O

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amulet Eye of Horus by Phra Arjarn O
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Eye Of Horus by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.

-The eye that always look for the excellent things.-The eye that always help the owner to consider thing carefully without misstep.
 -The eye that always give consciousness and intelligence to the owner to see the happiness ahead. 
-The eye that always guide the way of success to the owner.
 -The eye that always shine the light of solution for the owner. 

Horus is one of the most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion. He is the son of Isis and Osiris and also be the husband of Hathor.

Horus is the combination of Hawk God and Lighting God. He has the sun as the right eye and the moon as the left eye. 

This amulet was made to be the representative of The lord of sky’s eye.
Eye Of Horus will be the third eye for the prayer. What things that others can not see yet, you will see first. What things that others overlook, you will see the opportunity.

Good for charm, money, authority and health. Who has this amulet like as being in god's eye so, any wish can be successful easily. 

Eye Of Horus ‘s retina is “Lapis Lazuli”, the mystic stone that has special power by itself so that this stone was used to be the amulet since the ancient period. Even Cleopatra the empress of ancient Egypt used this stone as her decoration also.

“Lapis Lazuli” is the symbol of authority, power, honor and protection. Phra Arjarn O knows the power of this stone so Phra Arjarn O recited an incantation to make this stone has more power in case of protection from bad things around, health and allergy.  

The Night Pearl or Fluorescent Pearl, the queen of Gemological Sciences to light the whole world. The fluorescent pearl is the valuable thing that suits the special person only. According to the history of China, the only one empress of China named “Wǔ Zétiān” also has this Night Pearl so, some people believed that Wǔ Zétiān crested to be the Empress of China and succeed to the throne because of the Night Pearl power.
Moreover, the catacomb of the Qin empire’s emperor named “Qín Shǐ Huángdì” also has the Night Pearl embedded in the wall to light the way as the lamp in the world after death.

Therefore, the Night Pearl is the special stone that has full special feature remaining inside and outside too. This pearl can shine the light in the dark and make the owner always be flourish and shiny. 

Eye Of Horus was encased The Clairvoyant eyes oil. The great holy oil which is very hard to make, it have many mystic power and benefit. The Clairvoyant eyes oil is super special power which will make owner "can see the thing that normal people can't see!?" It mean you can see the luck, opportunity and victory beyond others such as can see which number will win the lottery, can see which way you can win in gamble game, can see the way of luck and victory in business. 

The method to make clairvoyant eyes oil First, bring all of holy oil soak with the all of special fantastic stone which Phra Ajarn O gather around the world. The oil consist of  
- Phra Ruang Oil, the old oil from LP Paan Wat Bang NomKo which is great in wealth and luck, change the temple from the poor to be very rich. 

- The super fantastic oil which is soak many special amulets such as many types of fantastic stone, old holy Buddha that Ajarn O keep more than 10 year. Second, after let the oil absorb all of holy power from fantastic stone then Ajarn O separate oil in to jan and combine the main material consist of  

- The Shin Thunder bolt oil, the holy spirit of Shin which born from the sky it was like the special gift from heaven. 

- The old Shin flower oil, which is inherit from the great master and very precious as important heritage. 

- The old Shin herb aged more than 100 year which is very very strong power, it was one of important treasure which is inherit from great master.  

Phra Ajarn O have used the clairvoyant oil to anoint on the Phra Pitta Shina Fulfill Wish for make Phra Pitta absorb mystic holy power of clairvoyant eyes which will make the owner can see the light of luck, opportunity and victory beyond the others.

size with casing est. 4.5cm x 3cm

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