Easy Aligned Berlinlasers Green Laser Diode Module Review

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Easy Aligned Berlinlasers Green Laser Diode Module Review
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Posted on : 09-07-2018 15:50
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If nothing can be helpful at all for users to get super clear dot alignment in distance, it should be the chance for users to make good use of a Berlinlasers green laser diode module. It is keeping direct diode emission from 445nm blue laser diode, owing to its wide output power range of 50mW to 100mW, blue laser dot targeting is just workable at quite long distance. According to quite easy screw of laser beam focus, the concentrated blue laser beam is just converting into a super small size blue laser dot, and then achieving high level of accuracy dot alignment easily.
This green laser diode module gets small size tube of 16mm diameter, which is also easily installed on any other device or equipment. Owing to special design with electric wires for both blue laser module and DC power supply, it is getting free installation distance within 0.3 meter to 3 meters. Noncontact blue laser dot targeting is getting no barrier caused by distance, height, corner or others. When users are avoiding eye exposure to powerful laser light, this high power blue laser module gets no mistake dot alignment constantly.