amulet Leklai Emas by Lp Yai

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amulet Leklai Emas by Lp Yai
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Posted on : 18-07-2018 13:30
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Monk: LP Yai also known as LP Somporn.
Temple: Wat Phra Thamyannamunee.

This is Superb Powerful of LP Thuad Raw Leklai SiThong strongly blessed by LP Yai in year BE2559. 

Featured efficacious sacred image LP Thuad at front. 
Additional with sacred Chop Code Yant at back. 

This sacred LP Thuad Raw Leklai SiThong is made from Raw of Rae Leklai SiThong materials. 

LP Yai has deep magical knowledge of Lek Lai (supernatural mineral) and consecrated in amulets for competence to help devotees.

Effect: Protection from harm and all kind of danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck, Overcome all obstacles in life & Smooth sailing in life, Increase Luck Tremendously, Good in business, Bring good protection for your daily life, increase physical energy and help blood circulation and stay healthy and body system work effectively, Help balance body energy, Mind and sleep easily.

ready 4pcs
size with casing est. 3cm x 2.2cm

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