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JOYO JF-311 Blue Rain (Efek Gitar, Mini, Overdrive, Gain, EQ Control)

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JOYO JF-311 Blue Rain (Efek Gitar, Mini, Overdrive, Gain, EQ Control)
Rp 650.000
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Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 12-04-2020 16:53
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Berat : 400 gram
Last Sundul : 12 April 2020, 04:53:49 PM

Penjelasan Produk

The JOYO JF-311 Blue Rain pedal is one of our best sellers in the Ironman range. A great low gain overdrive for pushing your amp into that just breaking up territory. A more blues or blues rock pedal the Blue Rain is aptly named. The Blue Rain works equally well with both Humbuckers and single coils thanks to its separate low and high controls. These allow you to dial in the exact amounts of whichever one you'd like, allowing you to get the tone from your head out through your amp.

This is a go to pedal for any low gain blues tone. We call it the SRV in a box tone. The Blue rain doesn't just excel at SRV tones it also does great interpretations of other great blues artists from BB King and Eric Clapton through to The Black Crowes & Joe Bonamassa up to more modern day blues players suh as James Bay.

The JOYO JF-311 Blue Rain Overdrive Mini Guitar Effects Pedal is an exceptional all round Overdrive mini guitar effects pedal from the 3rd generation of JOYO pedals a result of 8 years of JOYO technology and expertise. Compact, versatile and with a metal housing will ensure this pedal fits easily onto any board . Flip the lid to keep your tones protected, the LEDs shine through when active.

The Blue Rain Overdrive is a creamy and warm sounding overdrive that plays really well with hollow body guitars and calls the blues its home.

• Output volume control
• Hi Frequency EQ control
• Gain control
• Low Frequency EQ control
• True Bypass

Input Impedance: 1M
Output Impedance: 10K
Running Current 10mA
Power: DC 9V adapter (negative polarity)
Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm
Plug in 9v DC Adapter (not included)

Rp 650.000

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