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JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive (Efek Gitar, Smooth Tone, Blues, Rock, Fusion)

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JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive (Efek Gitar, Smooth Tone, Blues, Rock, Fusion)
Rp 550.000
Lokasi : Jawa Barat
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 26-04-2020 17:13
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Dilihat : 287 kali
Berat : 500 gram
Last Sundul : 26 April 2020, 05:13:26 PM

Penjelasan Produk

The JOYO Vintage Overdrive pedal introduces warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost and when cranked to 11 the thing has the searing tone and warmth of a classic overdriven tube amp.

The pedal features three control functions: volume (output), drive (gain) and tone (treble boost or cut, focused around the 2-5k range). The circuit features true-bypass wiring, and the world-renowned jrc4588 chip provides a full sound.

From gobs of thick midrange to a modest top-end boost, this pedal is versatile, yet consistent between guitars. The vintage overdrive pedal is one of JOYO's most popular pedals. The smooth tones and rich harmonics it creates have made it a favourite among blues, rock and fusion guitar players. Without sacrificing anything in terms of quality, this modern construction pedal accurately reproduces the original soul, bite and growl of the classic 'screamer overdrive series, but at a fraction of the price. Whether you play classic rock, modern or hard rock, country, blues or rock-a-billy then this pedal will rapidly become a must have on your board.

• A representation of the classic Tubescreamer, with JRC4588 chip.
• The overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth and exquisite.
• True bypass design to minimize the tone loss.
• Material: Aluminium alloy with stoving varnish.
• Dimension: 11.80L*6.40W.3.80H(cm)
• Powered by 9v power supply adapter or battery

Rp 550.000

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