Rico RRP05TSX150 (Plasticover, Tenor Sax Reed, Strength 1.5, 5pcs)

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Rico RRP05TSX150 (Plasticover, Tenor Sax Reed, Strength 1.5, Isi 1)
Rp 110.000
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Posted on : 23-03-2021 16:52
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Berat : 500 gram
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Penjelasan Produk

Plasticover reeds in strength 1.5 feature the traditional Rico cut with a plastic coating, offering more brilliance to the sound.

Designed to resist moisture and climate changes, Plasticover is ideal for doublers who need to make quick changes between instruments. Whether in moist tropics or in desert heat, Plasticover responds instantly. The durable coating also provides a clear, projecting tone, making Plasticover a favorite with jazz, studio and pop musicians

• Plastic lined to resist changes in humidity and weather
• Force 1.5, cut without filing
• Color video inspection rates reed quality
• Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy
• Offered in strengths from 1.5 to 4.0

Rp 110.000

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