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Denon AVR 1513 - 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through

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Denon AVR 1513 - 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through
Rp 4.500.000
Lokasi : DKI Jakarta
Kondisi : Bekas
Posted on : 07-01-2022 05:28
Terjual : 0 barang telah terjual
Dilihat : 318 kali
Berat : 12000 gram
Last Sundul : 21 November 2022, 08:25:49 AM

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Denon AVR-1513 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through

Fully discrete power amplifiers for all 5 channels (110 W x 5 ch, 6ohm 1kHz 0.7 percent). Delivers the legendary sound quality you've come to expect from Denon. (75W x 5 ch, 8ohm 20 20kHz 0.08 percent)

3D pass through technology, enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound

4 x HDMI in / 1 x HDMI out, lets you connect your HDMI equipped devices with a single cable; Enjoy high definition audio and video

Front Panel HDMI Input provides an easy connection for quick hookup and playback of your HDMI equipped portable devices

Graphic User Interface. Our intuitive user interface makes installing and using your Denon receiver so simple

Kondisi masih bagus dan normal
Kelengkapan unit, dan remote bawaan (Dus tidak ada)
Harga Rp. 4.5 Juta
Hub WA : 0853.1253.1449 (Kb Jeruk - Jakbar)