Video Latihan Aikido
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Video Latihan Aikido


Video Latihan Aikido


1: Competitive Entries
Instruction includes body movement such as slide step, enter and turn, step enter and turn, first control boxing, traditional pin, third control follow-up, inside first control four directions throw, traditional entry throw, competitive form, and cup and saucer variation. Also includes a variety of entry drills.

2: Attack - Counter Attack
Instruction inlcludes rotating entry first control techniques such as rotating body movement, hip throw, hip throw third control, four directions throw, elbow throw, rotating side enry throw, twisting entry strike, wizer and under hook arm throw, floating training and sabaki techniques.

3: Mat Work the Ancient Way
Includes randori free sparring demonstration. learn seated breath power, aiki age, kata kuruma, traditional first control, first control entry throw, first control clinch, first control entry throw clinch, tsuki irimi, tsuki irimi kaeshi, first control guard pass, and third control choke escape.

4: Classic Submissions
Instruction includes first contrlol chicken wing and neck crank, enrly throw crooked leg head scissor, arm lock, arm bar, kami shiho ude garami, first control guard pass neck crank, guard hammer-lock, toe hold, wrist return control, and four directions o third control.

5: Striking Throws
Instruction includes triangular entry, base line theory, front, turning, triangular entry throws, entering throws, Waki Gatame, variation wrist throw and side entry, shoulder strike side entry throw, high collar elbow throw, first control, and mountain storm and four directions double sleeve thigh throw.

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