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B52 Matrix-200

B52 Matrix-200

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Stereo power amplifier features

2x100w RMS with high headroom
Output stage with discrete devices, not integrated IC amps
Comprehensive amplifier and speaker protection circuitry
Built-in stereo clip limiters
Equalization customized to enhance and optimize speaker system performance
Output for stereo headphones on rear panel
Very efficient cooling, utilizing a large heatsink and two direct flow fans
Dual voltage selector switch

5-channel mixer features

Four channels with both balanced XLR mic inputs and unbalanced 1/4" jack line level inputs
15Vdc phantom power on balanced XLR inputs for condenser microphones
Pan, tone and effects level controls
One stereo input channel for stereo sources
Dual input with 1/4" TRS jack and 3.5mm Jack to connect 2-channel source
Dedicated mono 1/4" jack instrument input for acoustical instruments
Pan/balance, tone and effects control
Low distortion, low noise circuitry
Playback input/output RCA connectors with level control
3-band master EQ section

24-bit digital effects
Built-in, 24-bit, 8-position digital effects with a level control on each channel allows you to conveniently incorporate the effects into your mix.
Effects offered:
*Chorus *Chorus/reverb *Slapback *Echo *Large room *Small room *Small hall *Large hall

Rear Panel Controls
Speaker Outputs: Two 100-watt full-range outputs. The frequency response is equalized to optimize the acoustic performance of the MATRIX-200 speakers.
Subwoofer Output: Switchable XLR allows you to add a powered subwoofer to extend the low frequency range.
Headphones: A 1/4" TRS phone jack stereo output is included for monitoring by headphones.


High power dual 6.5" woofers
1" compression driver (no piezos)
Advanced crossover design with light-bulb protection circuirty on the tweeters
Pole-mounting cup

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