jual NAD cd receiver c-715

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jual NAD cd receiver c-715
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jual NAD cd receiver c-715

The C 715 combines all your favourite music sources into one very compact box. A sensitive high performance FM/AM tuner and a full function CD Player are included. Connections for adding extra analogue and digital devices are available both on the front panel for portable devices and the rear panel for permanently installed ancillaries. The front panel USB port allows you to transfer music files (CD Tracks or DAB Radio—C 715DAB model available only in markets that offer DAB service) from your C 715 to any storage device or digital music player with a USB port. These USB devices can also serve as a source for play-back on the C 715. PC's, MP3 Players and USB Memory Drives can be easily interfaced to the C 715.

2 X 20 Watt power into 4/8 Ohms at rated distortion.
AM/FM radio tuner with 30AM/30FM preset station memory
DAB tuner (Band III) with 10 presets included for C 715DAB (C 715DAB model available only in markets that offer DAB service)
Plays CD, CD-R/RW discs (8mm and 12mm playable)
CD Repeat Mode (One track, all tracks, Repeat A-B)
USB Digital Record/Playback function for Memory Stick and MP3 Media Players
Recording and Playback with selectable choice of MP3 or WMA file types
3 Analogue Stereo Inputs
1 Analogue output will send recording signal to a tape recorder
1 Digital Optical output will send recording signal to a digital recorder
Timer/Alarm function with 24 hour clock
Headphone Output
Multi-way Speaker Binding posts allow the use of high quality speaker cable
Subwoofer Output for convenient connection of an optional self-powered subwoofer
Bass and Treble Controls
SR 7 remote control handset

The C 715 can play back MP3/WMA files stored in external USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices. The following are the C 715's capabilities with respect to USB device playability.

Playback of MP3/WMA files recorded in various USB devices such as USB flash memory, MP3 or HDD. The HDD must be formatted FAT 16 or FAT 32, but not NTFS.
Support USB 1.1 full speed (12Mbps).
When more than 2000 files are recorded in the USB device, the C 715 may not be able to play the files correctly.

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