IP PBX Zycoo ZX 50 AG 42

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IP PBX Zycoo ZX 50 AG 42
Kondisi Barang : Baru
Harga : Rp 5.845.500
Location : DKI Jakarta
A powerful and energy efficient business IP PBX which designed for combines VoIP with legacy telephony services.

4 FXO Ports
2 GSM Port
30 Concurrent calls
Up to 100 registers
DID( Direct Inward Dialing Number)
Supports SKYPE for SIP
Call Monitoring ( recording)
DISA( Direct Inward System Access)
Flexible Dial Plan
Configuration By web
Support Static/ DHCP/ PPPOE
VPN Client( Support N2N)
DDNS Client( Support

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IP PBX Zycoo ZX 50 AG 42