Book by President Soekarno, Entitled "Di Bawah Bendera Revolusi"

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Book by President Soekarno, Entitled "Di Bawah Bendera Revolusi"
Kondisi Barang : Bekas
Harga : Rp 120.000.000
Location : Jawa Timur
This book is a first edition book and prints the third secret contains politics and political views of President Sukarno of Indonesia's politics as well as foreign political world that has never been disclosed by the media until now. This book is the first book and the last book of President Sukarno. The book also contains the views of the UNITED NATIONS that ultimately makes Sukarno decided to pull out of Indonesia to the United Nations. The book was printed in 1964 he had ever bargained for US $ 100,000. This book is a book that is highly sought after by collectors of books, both from opponents and friends of President Sukarno. because the book contains political secrets of the Republic of Indonesia and other secrets of the Republic of Indonesia. So this book is very dangerous for the political life of the Republic of Indonesia when it falls in the hands of people who do not comply. Nonetheless, this book remains my auction to the public with the highest bid price, because this book including limited edition book and the only one in the world that is written directly by President Sukarno.
President Sukarno was the first President of the State Union of Republic of Indonesia, and Proclaimer of independence of the Republic of Indonesia Unity State. He is the first President ever to make Indonesia from the UN on January 7, 1965.
Such a description I can give about this book contains the secrets of the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia under President Sukarno. So this book can give you the knowledge about the style of Government of Indonesia Democratic Party of struggle (PDI-P) which is actually the only reference style on the style of Government of President Sukarno more pro Russia. This book is very useful for people who want to observe the political situation in the Indonesia Republic unitary State at this time.
For deals that you can do by way of contacting me via email at, this book will I give to the highest bidder, the bid shall I start from US $ 200,000. to make a payment, the buyer can send a purchase confirmation to my email address.