amulet Phor Ngang Steals Heart by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun

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amulet Phor Ngang Steals Heart by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun
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Phor Ngang Steals Heart by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.

The combination of the superb fantastic 4 amulets together.

1.Phor Ngang (Mermaid Bone)
The first time in amulet history that the avatar of god merged with the princess of the sea perfectly. Normally, Phra Arjarn O made Phor Ngang from holy metal but, this special version was carved from the mystical fish bone that was justified in the magical scripture as the representative of "The princess of the sea". This special fish is large and has long life, it can swim and impress in the sea for a long time until its soul merge with the sea harmoniously so, it has talent to contact with the Mermaid directly.
Therefore, Phor Ngang (Mermaid Bone) has the mermaid spirit and the soul of the sea remain inside waiting for fulfilling the owner's wish happily.
Very powerful in case of charm, wealth, and luck. Moreover, Phor Ngang will improve your fate to be better so this amulet is very suitable for the business owner to success and grow in business
- A man who bring this Phor Ngang will get the good girl.
- A girl who bring this Phor Ngang will get a good man.
- Whoever bring this Phor Ngang will have connection with good people.

2. Luck Stealing Takrud
No matter wherever you stay, no matter whoever stay nearby you. The person who have this Takrud will have superior luck than others at all.
There are 4 necessary Katha that need to use with this Takrud as followed:
A.Katha for Takrud Luck Stealing: Pray this Katha for luck.
B.Katha for getting lottery luck: Pray this Katha before the lottery was announced 3 days.
C.Katha for blessing money before buying lottery: Bless money that you will use to buy lottery 9 days before use that money to buy lottery.
D.Katha for wealth: Pray this Katha to improve luck.

3. The mystical millionaire coin
This coin has the mystical power inside itself. Even it is easy to see but, it is very difficult to get. There are many complex ceremonies to transform the mystical power of this ring to be the powerful amulet. It is the excellent property that even the dead person can use in the world after death like as VIP card that use to open the gate to the heaven. Moreover, the finder of this coin has no chance to use but, the user of this coin can use it without finding. Therefore, who has this coin will get money and luck more easily and smoothly like as the wealthy tiger that always has victims to eat comfortably.
Can use to be the charming amulet or gambling amulet also effective. All obstacles will be simple when the owner of this coin makes merit and share to the deity spirit of the coin and then the deity spirit will make the owner’s wish come true surprisingly.

4. Full Moon Oil
Phra Arjarn O inherited this Full Moon Oil from the old master which is one of the legendary oil in the magical society. Phra Arjarn O values highly this oil a lot because some materials for making this oil become extinct already. The power of full moon subject can help the prayer of this oil being love by human, god, angels. It will make fortune to be shining and wealthy like the full moon also.
Effect: Whoever meets you and talk with you will surrender to you because this Full Moon Oil will create “Potentate Look” and bewitch everyone to agree and response your speech.
Specially, Phra Arjarn O also used the blossoms from “Potentate Golden Flower Herb” to simmer with the Full Moon Oil. This Potentate Golden Flower Herb is the special and rare species that Phra Arjarn O used holy water to plant everyday morning until it grew up bigger. Normally, the Golden Flower Herb will blossom during June or December once a year only but, this Potentate Golden Flower Herb blossomed in “Potentate Day” April 15th,2016 so, it is absolutely unusual situation. Before harvest the herbs, Phra Arjarn O have to expel Phetpayatorn out of the herbs follow the magical tradition of the magician because if Phetpayatorn was not expelled, he will steal the power of herbs to be with him so, the herbs will not have power and benefit anymore. Therefore, the blossoms from “Potentate Golden Flower Herb” still full of power.

Warning: The person who is sensitive with lustful mood and erotic sensation should keep consciousness because the passionate fire will be light strongly whenever the Full Moon Oil was smell.

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