KUJATAMA -Activeted zeolite water purifier

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KUJATAMA -Activeted zeolite water purifier
Rp 150.000
Lokasi : Jawa Barat
Kondisi : Baru
Color : Green light
Dust : < 2%
Posted on : 06-08-2018 10:18
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Dilihat : 334 kali
Berat : 25000 gram
Last Sundul : 08 May 2021, 10:09:56 PM

Penjelasan Produk

KUJATAMA Zeolite Water Purifier can be used to filter and purify swimming pools, town water supplies, sewerage effluent, biological wetlands, industrial and mining waste-water and aquaculture ponds.

The top 20cm of a 1 metre thick bed of finely graded silica sand (0.5mm to 0.6mm) was replaced with Zeolite.
The Benefits Are:
1. Higher throughput rate up to 0.75m3 /hr/m2 versus 0.15m3 /hr/m2 , while still maintaining water quality (measured in turbidity).
2. Longer runs, up to 50%, even at higher loadings.
3. Up to 3 to 5 times more water processed between maintenance scrapings.
4. Curing time is less, due to the rapid development of the schmutzdecke or biofilm.

Conventional Rapid Sand Filtration
1. The optimum height of the Zeolite filtering layer is 35% of the height of quartz sand.
2. The effluent obtained with Zeolite was better than the results obtained with sand filters.
3. Zeolite reduced turbidity and, organic charge (2nd filtering cycle) by 30% as opposed to 10% with sand.
4. Sewerage/Waste-water Treatment

Filtration Removal of Heavy Metals
Zeolites are low cost ion-exchangers for the removal and recovery of heavy metals cations (Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn and Fe; Pb, Cu as high as 97%) from drinking and waste-waters.
Zeolite rotary hoed (to a depth of 30cm – 40cm; 6.67 mg Zeolite/kg spoil) into a tailings dump with high levels of Cu and Zn sulphide contamination reduced Cu and Zn levels in waste-water discharge by 95% and 92% respectively.

Zeolites can be used in lining seals around town garbage landfills, tailings dump/dams and low-level radioactive waste repositories to prevent groundwater contamination.

Food Industry
Filter aid for purifying and clarifying (e.g. wine or sugar solutions).