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JOYO JP-03 (Daisy Chain, Efek Stompbox Pedal, Adaptor, PSU, 2000mA 9V)

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JOYO JP-03 (Daisy Chain, Efek Stompbox Pedal, Adaptor, PSU, 2000mA 9V)
Rp 475.000
Lokasi : Jawa Barat (Bisa COD)
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 15-12-2018 12:59
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Dilihat : 1483 kali
Berat : 500 gram
Last Sundul : 15 December 2018, 12:59:49 PM

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JOYO JP-03 (Daisy Chain, Efek Stompbox Pedal, Adaptor, PSU, 2000mA 9V)

JOYO JP-03 Guitar Effect Daisy Power Supply 2000mA
JOYO JP-03 is a new generation power supply designed specifically for powering guitar effects using a daisy chain supply. With its powerful current output of up to 2000 mA it can easily power your entire board. With the inbuilt filter controls, this power supply reduces common noise issues and eliminates any annoying hum. A well built unit that will stand up to regular gigging with ease or the perfect compact backup to keep with you just in case your normal power supply fails.
It is a standard 9v Power supply Combo Pack consisting of a UK 3 pin 9V DC Power Adapter, a Multi-Plug 8 Cable Daisy Chain with right angled connectors to help save space on your board, and three additional connector types that will help you to power almost any pedal.
8 Way Daisy Chain
Polarity Converters (changes the polarity from centre negative to centre positive).
3.5mm Converters (generally for older pedals that use a 3.5mm jack to power them).
Battery Clip Converters (for those pedals that don't have a power input and normally would only work off batteries).
1. Input Voltage:100~240V
2. Output voltageemoticon-Big GrinC9V, the connector is centre negative polarity. With the ability to handle up 2000 mA, it can power your entire pedal board.
3. Three included converters allow you to power and use with 99% of all other pedals too, not just JOYO.
4. Power Cable length is 1.5 meters, including a common mode filter to reduce noise.
5. LED indicator for quick visual verification of on/off status.

Rp 475.000

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