amulet Phra Lak Naa Thong by LP Mian

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amulet Phra Lak Naa Thong by LP Mian
Rp 150.000
Lokasi : Jawa Timur (Bisa COD)
Kondisi : Baru
Posted on : 05-02-2019 22:08
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Phra Lak Naa Thong
LP Mian
Wat Ban Janian, Buriram Province

Lakshmana (Thai: Phra Lak) is a character in Ramayana, the famous Hindu epic who is a younger brother of Rama. Lakshmana is depicted to have a gold body and a very beautiful face, so Thai believers call him ‘Phra Lak Naa Thong’ that means ‘gold-faced Lakshmana’.

In magic, ‘Phra Lak Naa Thong’ is the subject of great charm. Believed to make male and female become attractively pleasant-looking, smoothly connect for a job and negotiate successfully. Moreover, any man or woman who wishes for love will be fulfilled with their compelling charm.

size est. 3.3cm x 2.5cm

Material: powder of herbs and plants (Ya Jindamanee mixed with Wahn Metta 108)
(with authentication code and number)

kode A
*Phra Lak Naa Thong Amulet with no Takrut
*created only 9,999 pcs
*150rb nego

kode B
*Phra Lak Naa Thong Amulet with 1 Silver Takrut *created only 999 pcs
*300rb nego

cp 08123228879