amulet Charming Mermaid batch2 by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.

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amulet Charming Mermaid batch2 by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.
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Posted on : 18-06-2019 21:47
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Charming Mermaid batch2 by Phra Arjarn O, Phetchabun.

This is the mystical amulet according to the ancient magic subject of Wat Pakklong Makarmtao that Phra Arjarn O studied from Arjarn Pajon Noirort (Arjarn Lek Hekungkingangkalomahalarb) so, it is the magic subject that is exist from the reliable source. 

This second batch was continued from the first batch that sold out very fast with the ton of experiences.Made from the charming powder which is similar Jindamanee powder but, it's more powerful even if use this powder touch someone, that person will sacrifice all things to find you. For example, Phra Arpaimanee sacrificed all things to live with mermaid. 

Phra Arjarn O used more concentrated materials follow the magic textbook completely and blessing longer than the first batch.

Pray for your wishes, charm, negotiation and love. When the wish was succeed, the prayer should make merit and share to Mae Narmkang and the magic teacher who is the owner of this subject too. 

Don't use with the person who already married because this amulet is very powerful even married person can leave their love to be with you.

size with casing est. 4cm x 2.7cm

Normal version yellow color:

-Made from holy chalkboard powder from writing and erasing Mermaid Yant, rare herbs powder, Maroom powder, various kinds of charming and wealthy herb powder and Crying Mermaid powder from Arjarn Pi (Mr.Samarn Jangjaroen)

kode A.
Embedded with Takrud Mermaid, holy ruby, and written with Mermaid pink Yant
350rb nego

kode B
Embedded with Takrud Mermaid, holy ruby, written with Mermaid pink Yant, and 2 pieces of fishing rod that was used to catch fish for a long time by the professional fisherman. The fishing rod must be stolen from the fisherman with the specific method and this fishing rod will help the prayer to got a victim easily like as the professional fisherman catch a fish.
450rb nego

cp 08123228879

NB: karena hand made, tidak bisa 100% sama persis dgn foto. thx